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9 months ago

The Proper Way To Execute A Patent Search

By: Kevin Wolfe

Before filing for a patent, a designer or inventor must always perform a patent search. If an inventor files a patent application without conducting a search, he or she risks the chance of stealing an idea. A patent search is usually free, and a patent attorney will typically perform a search at no extra cost. The Unites States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, provides a website that allows inventors to search for previously registered inventions.

A free patent search can easily be done by entering keywords into the search engine on the USPTO website. The more specific the keywords are, the better the search results will most likely be. Searching for the

11 months ago

SIM Partners and Vibes Turn “Near Me” Searches Into In-Store Purchases

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SIM Partners ( today announced a strategic partnership with mobile marketing leader Vibes ( to integrate mobile wallet campaigns, including Apple Passbook offers supported by iBeacons, with its local marketing automation platform, Velocity. The relationship will help national brands create online and in-store offers to convert shoppers into buyers based on a customers search intent and proximity.

The partnership integrates mobile wallet offers via Vibes Catapult Wallet Manager, which supports Apples iBeacon technology, with Velocitys Publishing solution. This integrati