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Nursing Database - InfoBarrel

Introduction to Your Nursing Database

Many hospitals, healthcare companies and healthcare staffing agencies have a nursing database which can contain hundreds if not thousands of registered nurses who are actively looking for employment.

Today, companies and hospitals looking to recruit a nurse to fill a position is very competitive due to the current global nurse shortage which is why the healthcare companies must be able to use their nursing database to its fullest if they want to remain competitive.

This comprehensive guide will help anyone in the healthcare industry on how to properly manage their nurse database and how to use it properly.

Does Your Nurse Database have Enough job placement agency Information?

When a nurse position becomes available for either a full-time or part-time position, are you able to enter enough quarries to get a perfect match for the available position?

The more information about each candidate you have in your database can mean the difference between finding the ideal candidate in just one shot or have to hire a new nurse 6 months later.

Not counting pertinent information like nursing degree, state certification, criminal record check and the general basic information here is a list of secondary information that ever nurse database should contain:

Willingness to move


Personality test

Updating the Information

Having fresh information is a must which in the long run will save you time and money. Ideally, every nurse application should be updated every 30 days because in that period of time, a nurse could have accomplished a lot.

Professional and succesful nurse staffing companies and nurse job boards keep updated nursing database which is part of the reason why these companies are succesful in finding nurses for hospitals.

Taking example from their success, you also need to do the same thing for your own database temp agency of nurses.

For example, a nurse could have found a job, or completed a certification course or even gotten a new degree or learned a new language.

By keeping your database of nurses fresh, this will save the hiring manager time and effort the next time they are going thru the database of nurses when trying to fill a position.

Using the Database to its Fullest

A nurse database should not just be seen as just a pool to look for talents whenever a job opening becomes available. Information is power and if used wisely, can be used to create new opportunities.

An email should be sent to every nurse in the database on a regular basis to keep in touch with all of the nurses. Whether its just an automated email on their birthday or a weekly newsletter, keeping in touch with each nurse will let them know that you care about them and that you are trying to find them a position and are not just a commodity to be used whenever you need them.

Take a look at social websites and even websites like who send out emails on their birthday and keeps their users updated on a regular basis. These websites know what they are doing as they are top sites on the internet and part of their success is to show that they care.

Doing so will instill loyalty, boost moral and get your even more references.

A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with them while allowing you to even make some extra money on the side thru advertising classes for higher nursing education or nurse uniforms and supplies.

So keep manage your database well and the more attention you pay to the people in it, the more you will temp agencies near me that hire felons get out of it.

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